Lift Portfolio Management

Hemsworth Lift Portfolio Management
Hemsworth Associates provide a Lift Portfolio Management System – Overview

We support property managers, building owners and facilities managers across the UK to understand and deal with the complex legislative, technical and economic issues relating to lifts.
The Overview Consultancy Service controls lift maintenance management, associated reports and correspondence – taking away the stresses and time-consuming involvement of lift management.
We provide our clients with information, technical advice and concise reports that enable them to make quantified judgments and plan for the future, which is key to successful lift management.

Truly independent advice

Many lift contractors offer global contracts that suit their criteria and have a bias towards their business plans. We review current maintenance contracts and make recommendations. We believe in genuinely independent advice, recommending what’s right for your business, however large or small it may be.

Responding to your specific needs

Many lift and escalator portfolios have long-running service contracts that do not provide good value. Lift companies make their most significant profits from maintenance contracts and thrive on misinformation. As experienced lift consultants, we review service contracts and advise whether they are good value and accurate for your specific needs.

Saving you time, money and stress

We work directly and independently with the lift contractors, keeping our clients fully informed of all actions taken in support of their lift service. All quotations and invoices are reviewed and checked by our experienced team to ensure that works are first required and secondly, that value for money is achieved.
We aim to reduce costs associated with maintenance, callouts and repairs over a year – saving our clients valuable time and money.