Bespoke Maintenance Contracts

Hemsworth Bespoke Lift Maintenance
Maintenance Contracts

Questions raised by clients:

  • What type of maintenance service will you need for your lift equipment?
  • What is the optimum maintenance schedule needed for your particular equipment?
  • What needs to be incorporated in routine maintenance?
  • Who is the best provider of this maintenance?
  • Who should we engage for ongoing maintenance?

The value of using Hemsworth Associates at this stage include:

  • The knowledge and impartiality of Hemsworth Associates ensure the client is getting all this right at the outset, which is essential. The placement of the correct and most appropriate maintenance contracts is an integral responsibility of any custodian of a lift installation or portfolio.

We provide:

  • Independent experts by your side, so that you make the right decision.
  • Avoid premature wear and tear, followed by early replacement, by ensuring that maintenance schedules are correctly implemented.
  • Avoid failures that can cripple a building along with loss of time, efficiency and profits.