Hemsworth Associates LLP deliver a comprehensive lift consultancy service by utilising many years of engineering experience and have built a solid reputation throughout the UK for its independent, impartial and authoritative consulting advice. With offices in London & Birmingham we are able to offer a countrywide service to our clients.

Lift Consultancy

As Lift Consultants, Hemsworth Associates provide engineering experience to our clients. We advise on lift contracts, undertake audits, and report the maintenance condition being provided by the lift contractor. For older and unreliable lifts we undertake condition and dilapidation reports. Once our reports are completed we work with the client to ensure the best practical solutions are developed for long term reliability and performance.

Hemsworth Associates’ engineers, being completely independent and having accrued forty years of practical hands on lift engineering experience, can ensure our clients receive top value for their financial expenditure on all lift related matters.

Lift ConsultancyHemsworth Lift Consultancy

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Surveys – Aging and Unreliable Lifts

Independent Lift Condition Surveys

Our independent lift survey service allows our experienced team to survey the lift installation and create a detailed report highlighting:

  • Operational observations that focus on reliability and performance issues.
  • Recommendations based on equipment, installed life cycles and operation use.
  • Dilapidation and asset management.
  • The associated budget costings for short, medium and long term financial planning.
Surveys – Aging and Unreliable LiftsHemsworth Lift Surveys

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Audits – Maintenance Regime

Maintenance audit of lifts and escalators

An audit provides confidence that maintenance schedules are completed to a satisfactory level, on time and as specified or contracted. We will check and ensure that your contracted obligation is fulfilled.

Audits – Maintenance RegimeHemsworth Assoxiates - Lift Audits

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Lift Refurbishment & Modernisation Projects

A refurbishment programme or modernisation can often extend the life of existing equipment such as lifts and escalators. It can be very cost-effective in comparison to a complete replacement. Hemsworth Associates provide engineering advice and bespoke specifications to meet clients’ needs in achieving a successful project.

We know that occasionally a contractor’s desire to present the best price and their bid in a more favourable light can sometimes exclude minor items. Unfortunately missing these shortfalls can result in increased costs and frustration later.

Hemsworth Associates can help you devise the most appropriate specification for your particular project while considering the main areas, such as:

  • What type of equipment is required?
  • Will it deliver the expectation of value and longevity?
  • How do we accurately compare competing tenders?
  • Are all contractors quoting like for like?

Your chosen provider can then implement the modernisation contract, or Hemsworth Associates can also help you with issuing to tender, tender analysis and contractor interviews.

Hemsworth can also provide a project overview service if required, monitoring installation stages and attending a witness test.

New Lift Installation Projects

Hemsworth Associates’ consultants can devise the most appropriate installation specification for your particular project, while considering the main areas, such as:

  • What type of vertical transportation equipment is required?
  • Is it fit for purpose?
  • Will it provide the anticipated lifecycle required?
  • Will it conform to standards & statutory legislation to prevent post-installation issues?
  • How do we accurately compare competing tenders?
  • Are all contractors quoting for the same elements on a like for like basis?
SpecificationsHemsworth Associates - Lift Specifications

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Bespoke Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts

Questions raised by clients:

  • What type of maintenance service will you need for your lift equipment?
  • What is the optimum maintenance schedule needed for your particular equipment?
  • What needs to be incorporated in routine maintenance?
  • Who is the best provider of this maintenance?
  • Who should we engage for ongoing maintenance?

The value of using Hemsworth Associates at this stage include:

  • The knowledge and impartiality of Hemsworth Associates ensure the client is getting all this right at the outset, which is essential. The placement of the correct and most appropriate maintenance contracts is an integral responsibility of any custodian of a lift installation or portfolio.

We provide:

  • Independent experts by your side, so that you make the right decision.
  • Avoid premature wear and tear, followed by early replacement, by ensuring that maintenance schedules are correctly implemented.
  • Avoid failures that can cripple a building along with loss of time, efficiency and profits.
Bespoke Maintenance ContractsHemsworth Bespoke Lift Maintenance

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety Risk Assessments

All lift equipment and associated areas should have risk assessments undertaken to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and ensure passengers, engineers and the public are safe when in or around the lift.

What is BS EN 81-80?

BS EN 81-80 is part of the European Standard EN 81 (which covers the upgrading of existing lifts to ensure they are safe to use by all members of the public and those who work on them). This safety standard aims to match the safety levels of existing lifts, with that of brand new lifts, providing a guide to the risk assessment of a lift and subsequent recommendations for improving safety.

The risk assessment helps to identify 74 hazardous situations that could be present on an existing lift. The standard enables each lift to be audited according to the frequency and severity of any single risk, ranging from a high to a low risk.

This audit helps to prioritise any lift modernisation work required and indicates when work is likely to be required, demonstrating that a reasonable approach has been made to manage the risk. It also enables lift owners to plan their budgetary provision for safety improvements.

What are some of the adjustments that are likely to be required for the lift?

Adjustments to improve safety for passengers and engineers may include:

  • Improving floor levelling at each landing
  • Installing a 24-hour two-way communication device
  • Installing a safety device to remove the risk to passengers of being struck by closing doors
  • Installing an apron to the lift car sill
  • Ensuring space is available for a lift service engineer to safely work at the top and bottom of your lift shaft
  • Installing permanent, effective shaft lighting that illuminates the area for a lift engineer(s) to work in
  • Ensuring a safe means of access is available to the machine room/cabinet
  • Installing a balustrade on the lift car roof
  • Ensuring the main electric switch for the lift can be locked-off
  • Once identified, do I need to modernise my lift to meet the requirements fully?
    Conforming to this standard helps lift owners meet their responsibilities under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment 1998 (LOLER) which are legal requirements.
    It is impossible to predict costs that might arise out of implementing future legislative changes which are not always required to have immediate effect. Therefore, to budget for possible expenditure, the building maintenance manager must be aware of prospective changes at the earliest possible time. It is desirable to take this into account when looking at long term budgeting and servicing arrangements.

Health & SafetyHemsworth Lift Health & Safety

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LOLER Examinations

LOLER lifting regulations require a regular, thorough examination. These regulations apply to all organisations whose employees use lifting equipment, whether owned by them or not. Regulations place the responsibility of ensuring a competent, qualified person inspects lifts on the lift owner or site manager.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998: LOLER Thorough Examination

LOLER thorough examinations or lift inspections are required by law to improve health and safety and reduce the risk of accidents due to faulty or un-serviced lifts.

Some of the LOLER Lift Inspection Regulations Include:

  • Duty holders are responsible for ensuring that lifts are examined at statutory intervals
  • LOLER inspections must be carried out every 6 months for passenger lifts or 12 months for goods lifts to ensure they are safe to use.
  • Lifts and hoists used to lift people or loads must be examined by a ‘competent person’.
  • Any defects or faults with lifting equipment must be remedied promptly.
  • Accurate records and documentation must be kept and made available.
Independent LOLER Inspections Thorough Examinations

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998: PUWER Inspection

Whilst LOLER thorough examinations act in a similar way to a car MOT, PUWER inspections cover the maintenance and servicing of a lift, just like servicing a car.

Some of the PUWER Regulations Include:

  • Placing the responsibility of maintaining machinery, such as lifting equipment, with companies who own, operate, or control the machinery.
  • Regular maintenance of work equipment to upkeep a safe condition.
  • Equipment inspections to detect faults and improve health and safety.
  • Proper health and safety measurements being in place in the event of equipment failure.
  • Lift maintenance is restricted to those with full training and qualifications.

Our associates have maintained and serviced lifts to PUWER standards throughout the UK for more than 25 years. Having received extensive training, they are fully competent to ensure your lifts examined effectively. As one of the UK’s leading independent lift consultancies, Hemsworth Associates can offer you skilled service, extensive experience and very competitive rates. Contact Hemsworth Associates now for more information or a quote.

LOLER ExaminationsHemsworth Associates - LOLER Examinations

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CDM – Principal Designer

Many lift projects undertaken on residential or commercial properties are the sole projects undertaken on-site during that time.

Subsequently, under the Construction, Design, and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015, a Principal Designer should be appointed by the client.

We can operate within this role and will produce the required pre-construction plan required under these regulations.

CDMHemsworth Specifications

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Lift Portfolio Management

Hemsworth Associates provide a Lift Portfolio Management System – Overview

We support property managers, building owners and facilities managers across the UK to understand and deal with the complex legislative, technical and economic issues relating to lifts.
The Overview Consultancy Service controls lift maintenance management, associated reports and correspondence – taking away the stresses and time-consuming involvement of lift management.
We provide our clients with information, technical advice and concise reports that enable them to make quantified judgments and plan for the future, which is key to successful lift management.

Truly independent advice

Many lift contractors offer global contracts that suit their criteria and have a bias towards their business plans. We review current maintenance contracts and make recommendations. We believe in genuinely independent advice, recommending what’s right for your business, however large or small it may be.

Responding to your specific needs

Many lift and escalator portfolios have long-running service contracts that do not provide good value. Lift companies make their most significant profits from maintenance contracts and thrive on misinformation. As experienced lift consultants, we review service contracts and advise whether they are good value and accurate for your specific needs.

Saving you time, money and stress

We work directly and independently with the lift contractors, keeping our clients fully informed of all actions taken in support of their lift service. All quotations and invoices are reviewed and checked by our experienced team to ensure that works are first required and secondly, that value for money is achieved.
We aim to reduce costs associated with maintenance, callouts and repairs over a year – saving our clients valuable time and money.

Lift Portfolio ManagementHemsworth Lift Portfolio Management

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